TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR $50 * Fourteen Nights At Sea 8pm * Tangled Thoughts of Leaving 9pm * This Will Destroy You 10pm til 11.30pm

Date: Thursday 21 March 2013,
Doors 7:30pm


with Tangled Thoughts of Leaving and Fourteen Nights At Sea

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This Will Destroy You has announced their first ever Australian tour dates for March 2013. Known for their destructive live sound and influential brand of ambient-rock, the tour follows the release of their acclaimed record, ‘Tunnel Blanket’, through Australian independent label Hobbledehoy. Formed during the mid-‘00s in San Marcos, Texas, the band has enjoyed a meteoric rise since the release of their debut, ‘Young Mountain’, in 2006. Their follow-up full length, ‘S/T’, released in 2008, saw the band loop North America in between several lengthy stints in the UK and Europe, pausing only to issue a few EPs. The abyss of endless touring and isolation on the road became the catalyst for the band’s third album, ‘Tunnel Blanket’. While previous albums managed to strike a universal chord of human rope and near-optimism toward the future, ‘Tunnel Blanket’ is the darker and more intricate sides of human emotion, grief, and tragedy. There is still beauty in the latest from This Will Destroy You. In fact, this could be described as the most beautiful album the band has ever made, yet it is an entirely unconventional beauty that taps far below the soil. If the Mayan prophecies don’t get you first, This Will Destroy You will make sure the job is complete by March 2013. Watch This Will Destroy You live at SXSW in 2011 here.

Sorry, there are no tickets available for sale yet.