Date: Sunday 10 February 2013,
Doors 1:30pm
'Timber & Steel presents'

NICK & LIESL (EP Launch)

with Evan & Mischa and Lucy Wise (solo) (matinee show)

Sorry, there are no tickets available for sale yet.


After getting knocked back for a grant to fund their next album, Nick and Liesl decided to release a fully homemade EP to tie over their fans (and themselves) till they can afford a full-length album to follow-up from their critically acclaimed debut Feather. So Nick and Liesl decided to put to use the recording skills, and the equipment, invested in over the past five years of home recording and record a high-quality low-cost acoustic EP at home and by themselves. ‘Friend and Lover’ is a light and sweet, at times almost kitsch, release. It captures the essence of Nick and Liesl’s sound – the beautiful vocals and superbly blended harmonies – and reflects on themes of love, loneliness and life split between two continents. We even get a taste of the duo’s European influences with the inclusion of a French song by Carla Bruni. The EP proves that the duo can bring us a stellar release also without the backing of musicians of the calibre that we heard on ‘Feather’. Subtle but creative additions in the form of percussion, strings and even a simple music box complement the guitars and piano, leaving a few new discoveries for the listener after their first listen.

Sorry, there are no tickets available for sale yet.