Date: Friday 20 September 2013,
Doors 8:30pm

HUGO RACE (album launch)

with Sacri Cuori (Italia) and The Spoils

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Hugo Race and his Italian band Fatalists announce the release of their highly anticipated album ‘We Never Had Control’ available digitally via iTunes and in store today.

Hugo Race's career spans four decades and several continents in a restless exploration of diverse musical genres and collaborations. Following on from 2010’s ‘Fatalists” (released by Other Tongues), the recent Australian release of the Ghostwriter single, and an extensive concert tour of Europe, ‘We Never Had Control’ has been described as hypnotic, raw and transcendent by the international press.

Hugo’s Fatalist collaborators Antonio Gramentieri and Diego Sapignoli are the leaders of Italian instrumental group Sacri Cuori. Together they fuse acoustic instruments and subtle electronica with etheric soundscapes merging folk, experimentalism, electronica and rock. The group’s debut album received a four star review in UK’s Uncut Magazine and was hailed as a ‘masterpiece’.

‘We Never Had Control‘ was recorded in a single session in Romagna, Italy, and features violinists Vicki Brown and Catherine Graindorge, synthesist Franco Naddei, contrabassist Francesco Giampaoli and Hugo’s own daughter, vocalist ‘Celery’.

Following on from his recent covers album “No But It’s True”, the way Race sees it, the albums marry together …. “No But It’s True is an album about love and life, and We Never Had Control is about love and death. One is bright and rose pink, the other very dark and bruised purple”.

The first single from ‘Ghostwriter’, in Hugo’s own words – ‘is the story of an individual who lives in a dead end town where folk who lose themselves go to fade away. The Ghostwriter scratches in another's diary, absorbing the traces of an alien human soul. Soon, you become who they were, or who you used to be.... Stranger to stranger, loss of identity, we wander the ghost town within us, looking for clues.’

Fatalists as described by Beat Magazine, are ‘arguably an appropriate description for Race’s music in its various forms and guises; frequently dark, often confronting, Race sits on the windowsill outside the dominant culture, offering regularly astute, and occasionally bleak, assessments of matters emotional and cultural… invigorating as it is intense’.

‘We Never Had Control’ will not disappoint.

Sorry, there are no tickets available for sale yet.