Date: Thursday 14 February 2013,
Doors 8:00pm

'An Evening with THE HOFF' (USA)

Guests: John Bacon Blues

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'An Evening with the Hoff'

David Hasselhoff is 60 years of age (and doesn’t look a day over 50). Born in Baltimore in the US, he is so much more than a mere television personality; he is worldwide phenomenon ‘The Hoff’. Not many stars have embraced their nickname as wholeheartedly or lived and breathed said persona with such verve and gusto. In a world filled with interchangeable nonentities passing themselves off as celebs, he is absolutely a one-off. The Hoff has enjoyed a range of successful careers as a pop artist (two number one singles), a star of musicals (Chicago, The Producers) and, of course, as part of some of the most popular television shows ever made. It is for Knight Rider and Baywatch that he remains best known. He became one of the most successful TV actors of his generation. So, fresh off the back of headlining the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Hoff is bringing his live show to Australia. Described as an intimate, hilarious evening of song, dance and audience interaction, the show covers Knight Rider to Baywatch, Broadway and the Berlin Wall. Hoff-crazy? You bet it is! Come party, Hoffstyle!

Sorry, there are no tickets available for sale yet.